Java Environment Set up(Windows ver.) Setting up path

Once installation of JDK is complete, you need to set up a path of JDK to Windows.

Setting up a path is for setting to use easily programs for JDK compile and execution.

Right-click on Windows start menu and click Control Panel.
Click ‘System and Security’ and click ‘System’.

The following pop-up window will show and click ‘Advanced system settings’ on the left side of the following screen.

  • In case of Windows 7, click ‘Start’ button and right-click ‘Computer’ and click ‘Property’.



Select ‘Advanced’ on ‘System properties’ and click ‘Environment Variables…’.


You need to set up a path of JDK on the following screen.

Click ‘New’ button.


Input ‘Variable name’ and ‘Variable value’ on the following pop-up window.


(Variable name): JAVA_HOME
(Variable value): C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_144

* ‘jdk1.8.0_144’ will be different depending on installed JDK version.
Please check the version by opening the folder of ‘C:\Program Files\Java’

Next, edit Path. Select existing ‘Path’ and click ‘Edit’ button.


On the following pop-up windonw, add ‘%JAVA_HOME%\bin;’ at the beggining of the setting string of the variable ‘Path’.

* Please be careful not to change or delete existing setting strings.

If you change or delete existing settings accidentally, click ‘Cancel’ and retry again.


(Variable name): Path
(Variable value): %JAVA_HOME%\bin;……don’ t change predfined settings….;

Click ‘OK’ button and setting a path is completed.

If you are setting Java development environment, please go forward to ‘Installation of Eclipse’.