Java Serverside Environment Set up

To make a program and execute it, development environment and runtime environment are necessary.

We need a software to write Java programs and another software to compile Java programs converting them to intermediate codes.
These softwares are called development environment.

We also need a software called runtime environment to execute the intermediate codes that are compiled.

Oracle is providing JDK (Java development and runtime environment) without any charge.
Anyone can download JDK and install it.

JDK includes JRE which is a runtime environment, therefore, you can develop Java programs and run them after you install JDK.
It is necessary to install JDK when you want to develop an application with Java.

In addition to JDK, you need to set up an application server for Java and database when you make a web application with Java.

Here, we will introduce you to some necessary procedures to construct Java serverside environment for Windows.