Database Environment Set up(Windows ver.) Test Data Creation

  1. Installation of XAMPP
  2. Setting Up MySQL
  3. Test Data Creation

*If you are not a learner in StudySmile or Tech, you do not need to create test data.

Here, you will register test data in your database.
At this moment, there is no data registered in the database you created earlier.
To practice data selection, registration, deletion, etc. with SQL, please register test data first.

Download SQL test data from the link below.

SQL test data file (techfun_en.sql)

The downloaded zip file is compressed. So, unzip it with an unzipping tool and you will get an SQL file “techfun_en.sql”.
techfun_en.sql is the SQL file to create test data. Use it to register test data in the database.

Click the URL below to open a database management screen.

The “phpMyAdmin” screen will be displayed. phpMyAdmin is the tool to operate MySQL from a web browser.
You will find the list of databases on the left part of the displayed screen. Select the database to use from the list.
Select “techfun” or the database you created.


The screen below will be displayed. Click “Import”.


Click “Choose File” button to select which file to import, specify techfun_en.sql you downloaded earlier, and click “Go” button to run import.


If you see the message “Import has been successfully finished. XX queries ・・” on screen, it means import is completed.
Note that the number of queries shown in the message may vary depending on each sql file’s version but you do not have to care about it.


If you want to check if the test data has successfully been registered in the database, run the command below to display the list of created tables.

mysql > show tables;

If several table names are displayed, test data registration is successfully complete.
That’s all for Test Data Creation.