Database Environment Set up(Windows ver.) Installation of XAMPP

  1. Installation of XAMPP   
  2. Setting Up MySQL
  3. Test Data Creation

We are going to set up MySQL to use databases.

Normally, various settings are required to install MySQL, but this time please install a development environment package called XAMPP so that almost all settings will not be required.

Download XAMPP from the website below.
Download XAMPP

Double-click the downloaded installer and then the pop-up window below will be displayed. Click ‘Yes’ button.


Then, a warning pop-up window will be displayed to tell that it should not be stored in ‘C:|Program Files’ but do not care about this message and click ‘OK’ button.


Click ‘Next’ button.


If you have no reason in particular, just click ‘Next’ button without making a change in setting.


Again, if there is no reason for changing an installation directory, click ‘Next’ button without making any change in configuration.

If you have any reason for changing an istallation directory, please be sure not to store the installer in ‘C:\Program Files’ just as shown above in the warning pop-up window.


Uncheck the checkbox and click ‘Next’ button.


Now, it is ready to install XAMPP. Click ‘Next’ button.


Then, installation will start. Please wait for a while.
If the following security warning screen is displayed on screen in the middle of installation, click ‘Allow access’ button to continue installation.


When installation is done successfully, the screen below will be displayed on screen. Click ‘Finish’ button.


That’s all for the installation of XAMPP.

Next is Setting Up MySQL.