Java Environment Set up(Mac ver.) Installation of JDK

  1. Installation of JDK
  2. Installation of Eclipse (Mac ver.)

mac mini(Mid2010)
OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan

First of all, we are going to set up JDK for Java development environment.

Confirmation of JDK

If you are using Mac, JDK might be pre-installed.
So, at first, it is better to check whether JDK is installed or not.

Select ‘Macintosh HD’=>’Applications’=>’Utilities’ and run ‘’.

After run Terminal, the following window will open.

At this window, input the following command.

java -version

Then, the following screen will show.
If JDK is installed, you can see the JDK version like this image whose version is

If JDK is not installed, you need to install as below.

Installation of JDK

Download JDK from the website below.
Download JDK(
Click ‘Download’button of ‘JDK’ on the following page.

Then, check ‘Accept License Agreement’ on the following page.
By clicking the link .dmg file of ‘Mac OS X’, download will start.

  • Because the version of JDK will be the latest version, the version of the following image may be different. You can download the latest version.

After download is completed, click downloaded .dmg file.
The following dialog will show. By double-clicking the icon which is surrounded by a red rectangle, installation will start.

Click ‘Continue’.

When a confirmation of data capacity wiil show, if it is OK, click ‘Install’ button.

The installation will restart. For a while, you will see the following screen until the installation is done.

The installation is done.

When installation is done successfully, click ‘Finish’ button or ‘Close’ button.


Please go forward to ‘Installation of Eclipse’.